Scoreboard Software Applications

In the field of Sport events, 3D Project Studio have developed several scoreboards software applications. The applications can be installed on PC-configurations with classic network adapters (RJ47) from 100Mb, 1Gb or 10Gb communication speed. System must have two PC configurations DATA ENTRY Unit and CG UNIT. DATA ENTRY Unit is PC configuration usually with 8Gb RAM Memory, min Intel i3 Processor and 1920 x 1080 Graphics Resolution. In most installations for DATA ENTRY Unit we use a LAP-TOP PC. This unit is place on table for sports delegates and recorders. The CG Unit is PC configuration with 16Gb RAM Memory, Intel i5 Processor and Graphics card with two monitors outputs. This Unit is place near LED WALL processor and its connect with DATA ENTRY Unit by network cable Cat5e. CG Unit show two different screens and can drive two different LED WALLS. First one show statistics, name of players and all data need for current match. The secound screen show animations for each GOAL, ACE, YELLOW CARD, RED CARD, BEST PLAYERS and other statistics. This picture ussualy is show on  LED CUBE in abouve middle sport hall. There are four applications for four different sports: FUSTAL, BASKETBALL, VOLLYBALL and HANDBALL. All aplications from sport federations are approuve for use.

Scoreboard 4 Scoreboard 3 Scoreboard 5
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 Standard Connection Configuraton 

Scoreboard Configurations


 Software Applications Interface 

BASKETBALL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 4

HANDBALL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 6

FUTSAL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 2

VOLLEYBALL Scoreboard Data entry URNEK 9


Screens Outputs on LED WALLS

Semafor Basketball URNEK 2 POINT
Semafor Handball URNEK 3 TOP Players
Futsball Small SCREEN B URNEK RED Card
Semafor Volleball URNEK 4 Ace POINT









      Ski statistics software is an application with 2 separate modules. It has been developed for statistics and graphics for  CROSS COUNTRY SKIING, but can be also used for downhill, slalom, giant slalom and other ski disciplines. The application can process data for 80 competitors, including their individual data such as FIS points, years of age, etc. In addition to the separation of the measuring sensors for the gates, it is also possible to connect the measurement systems as well. In the basic version of the application there is an integrated code to connect to the REI2 unit for measuring time. When connecting to the REI2 system, the application takes the time and all data for the start, gates, and end point. During the real-time race, comparative displays of the times of the competitors, the top 5 of the best times, are possible, as well as sorting by various types of entries for the Tampes.


               CG Unit -  CG Unit;

                Data Entry Unit -  Data Entry Unit;


      The modules are connected to each other by an IP network connection, which can be realized through a network switch or a direct network connection.

data entry URNEK 3 Skiing CG URNEK 3


      А simple block diagram of connection when using the REI 2 sports time measurement system is shown below. The picture shows a connection when sporting sensors from the REI 2 whale are used to record time. In addition, they can also be combined with external sensors that are connected directly to the DATA ENTRY computer unit. For example, start and end time can register REI 2 sensors, while door time can be registered with external sensors.


Conection dijagram skiing 2


       The application together with the REI 2 sports timer was used for the transfer of "Mavrovski Memorial 2018" competition in CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING where 40 competitors participated in men's and women's competitions. 


Mavrovo 2 Mavrovo 1 Mavrovo 4
Mavrovo 5 Mavrovo 3 Mavrovo 6





The first produced projects by 3D Project Studio were the music videos. Beginning in the distant 1996 when the first music video for the techno group M & M was made, till today, there are a total of over 100 music videos made for Macedonian bands and artists. Working with various directors and screenwriters from Macedonia and abroad, music video clips are made in a variety of techniques. Various technologies are used in their production, such as, 2D and 3D animation, chrome and virtual backgrounds, recording in one shoot as well as many other technologies.


 Miyatta - "DOMAKJINSKA"  - recorded in 2018 with ESRA University



 Brejk - "BOLISH"  - recorded in 2014



Igor Mitrovic - "SEGA I TUKA"  - recorded in 2014



Petar Rendzov - "NOKJNA PTICA"  - recorded in 2017



Plamenka Trajkovska - "PIANIST"  - recorded in 2012



Area - "FREKVENCIJA NA LJUBOVTA"  - recorded in 2009



Daniel Dann - "STVOREN DA TE SAKAM"  - recorded in 2011 with Gorila Production



Kristina Arnaudova - "TVOJA DO KRAJ"  - recorded in 2010



Dani Dimitrovksa - "CRNO NA BELO"  - recorded in 2010 with Gorila Production



Dimitar Andonovski - "OVA NEBVO ZNAE SE"  - recorded in 2011 with Gorila Production



Nade Talevska - "ZIVEAM"  - recorded in 2015



Maja Vukicevic - "NE SAKAM DRUG"  - recorded in 2014



Filip Bozinovski - "EDNA VO MILION"  - recorded in 2014



Daniel DANN - "SVOREN DA TE SAKAM"  - recorded in 2011 with Gorila Production

       In addition to the OB-Van mobile production vehicle, 3D Project Studio also has compact mobile video production equipment for live production, which is located in mobile rack mount suitcases. The equipment placed in set, enables the installation and production of events that have a specific position and a limited budget for implementation. That's why 3D Studio can produce small budget events with limited spatial capabilities, meanwhile offering professional quality and HDTV's broadcast signal. Many types of events (such as sports, musical, cultural and other) have been produced with the help of this mobile video set. There are many sets configurations.


Video System conf SPORT

 Video System conf STREAMING Video System conf BASIC


 Video sector:


4 x SONY PXW-Z280 ENG 4K Camera set;

3 x SONY PMW-EX1r ENG HDTV Camera set;

1 x SONY PMW-350r ENG HDTV Camera set;
3 x SONY BRC-330Z Robotic Camera System set;
2 x SONY ADR AS-200 Action Cam set;
1 x SONY BRS-200 8CH HDTV Video Switcher (Mixer with 1.5 ME);
1 x SMART VIEW 4K Reference Monitor BlackMagic Design;
1 x CENTAR STAGE Video Wall and Projector Processor;
1 x PC HDTV Recoder based on Decklink Studio 4K BlackMagic Design;
1 x PC HDTV Titler based on Decklink Extreme 12G BlackMagic Design;
1 x PC HDTV Stream for FB, Youtube or web site based on Mini Recorder BlackMagic Design;
1 x PC HDTV Special processing graphics unit with 5 Inputs and 7 outputs;
1 x ATEM Talkback Studio Converter based on Optical connections;
4 x ATEM Talkback Camera Converter based on Optical connections;
2 x SONY LPC-3200 LCD XWGA Projectors 3500 Ansi/lum.
1 x UPS Power supply 3 hours independent work;


Audio sector:

1 x SAMSON L24s 24CH Audio mixer with 2 x Effect Processors;
1 x DBX S166 Stereo Master Audio Compressor, Limitter, Expander;
1 x AKG Digital Wireless Bug Microphone Set with 4 Mic Sets;
2 x AKG Hand-set Wireles Microphone;
5 x AKG Desktop Conference Microphone;
2 x Crown PT-1200 Stereo Amplifier 800W Power by Channel;
4 x JBL EON-19 Passive Audio Speakers;
2 x JBL PRX815XLFW Passive Audio Subwoofer Speakers;


GOPRO Camera with motor kid;
Drone GDI Espire 2 with X-5s Camera system in 1080i mode, direcly signal distibution to Video Mixer;
Camera Crane System 7.2 meter leight with two operators;
Camera Stady-Cam System with operator;


Signal Disribution Type:

4 x HDTV SDI-3G with Graphics and enbedded 4 Channel Audio;
1 x HDTV SDI-3G without Graphics and Enbedded 4 Channel Audio;
1 x SD SDI  with Graphics and enbedded 4 Channel Audio;
1 x SD SDI without Graphics and Enbedded 4 Channel Audio;
2 x HDTV HDMI 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p for Projectors and LED Screens;
2 x Internet Stream for Facebook, Youtube or Web Site with Graphics and 2 Audio Channels;
1 x XVGA (800x600, 1280x720, 1650x960, 1920x1080, 1024x720) for Projectors and LED Screen;


Telekom 1 Telekom 6 Telekom A1
City 6 City 5 City 4
A1 gaming 1 GameFest 1 A1 gaming 4
Mobile set 1 Mobile set 2 Mobile set 3
Mobile set 6 Mobile set 4 Mobile set 5
Mobile set 7 Mobile set 8 Mobile set 9
Mobile set 10 Mobile set 12 Mobile set 11




       Project - EU Caravan through Macedonia, funded by Delegation of the European Union was successfully completed according to action plan of the project. The overall objective of the project was to educate Macedonian citizens and the general public about the benefits that will have Republic of Macedonia from the membership in EU. Each show included participation of guests that are key stakeholders from the respective local community, such as mayor, representatives of major local industries, business people, director of institutions, social and cultural activists, representatives of EU-funded projects from the area etc. It was produced an intro of the macedonian cities (Skopje, Veles, Krusevo, Dojran, Strumica, Shtip, Gevgelija etc.) and summary of public opinion of Macedonian citizens  about the benefits (advantages and disadvantages) of the membership in EU. The overall objective of the project is to educate Macedonian citizens and the general public about the benefits of EU membership and the impact it would have on their lives.