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      H.S.S. (Handball Statistics Software) is software application developed for on-screen statistics and graphics display of handball match statistics, according to World Handball Federation’s guidelines. The Package is intended to operate according to production requirements and it can be upgraded, improved and expanded. Based on .NET Microsoft platform, in the background is running Easy Render Server, responsible for graphic output secured with FILL and KEY SDI-HD, SDI-UHD, SDI-4K, SDI-12G output. Application is easy to install and use, enables work in different modules according to condition of sport hall and OBVan. Its development started in 2015 and all upgrades are available for download on following link http:\\www.ems.com\sport. The Software is developed by Kiril Markovski and Milco Uzunov MA, and graphics design of the modules is developed by 3D Project Studio where were tasted all hardware and software units. Team responsible for testing and improvement of software performance is:

CG UNIT module: Kiril Markovski, Zoran Georgievski, Milco Uzunov and Filip Stavrov.
DATA ENTRY UNIT module: Nikola Kachanski, Filip Stavrov and Kiril Markovski.
MANUAL TIME UNIT module: Kiril Markovski,Milco Uzunov, Ljupco Ivanovski.
INFO UNIT module: Kiril Markovski, Goce Stavrevski.

      Integration of CG UNIT with Easy Render Server and improvement of their connection for communication with Decklink card port is made by Marlon Mircevski and Kiril Markovski, and base idea come from Milco Uzunov, MA.

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H.S.S. (Handball Statistics Software) is composed of following four different modules:

               Handball CG 256x256 -  CG Unit;

               Handball Data 256x256 -  Data Entry Unit;

               Handball Timer 256x256-  Manual Timer Unit;

               Handball Info 256x256 -  Info Unit;

          Data Entry Unit is module placed near court table and it is used for entry of statistics data during the match. This module can be placed on other location if the person that enters the data has an inside of the match and can monitor all activities on the ground. It gives opportunity for saving all data at the end of the match for additional analysis.

          CG Unit is module placed in OBVan or Master Room for match production. This module is handled according to requirements of sport director or producer, and it can display player or team statistics at any time with corresponding graphic. This module gives opportunity to display all necessary graphics before the start of the match such as (Line UP, Referees, Standings Group, Coach...).

           Manual Timer Unit is module placed in position, location suitable for connection with court scoreboard in sport hall. This module allows handling of match time manually and correction can be made in real time, if there is no possibility to optain the data from court scoreboard through (USB, RS-232, RS- 485, IP, GPI protocol). Data from this module is used by all other modules that record statistics.

           Info Unit is placed on commentary position usually and displays player and team statistics as well as time info of the match. This module can be placed on more than one PC and is non-mandatory part of this package.
H.S.S. has several ways of connecting, depending on the number of computer units, , available personal and match production conditions. The optimal configuration includes 4 PC’s.This configuration is shown on Image below.