Ski statistics software is an application with 2 separate modules. It has been developed for statistics and graphics for  CROSS COUNTRY SKIING, but can be also used for downhill, slalom, giant slalom and other ski disciplines. The application can process data for 80 competitors, including their individual data such as FIS points, years of age, etc. In addition to the separation of the measuring sensors for the gates, it is also possible to connect the measurement systems as well. In the basic version of the application there is an integrated code to connect to the REI2 unit for measuring time. When connecting to the REI2 system, the application takes the time and all data for the start, gates, and end point. During the real-time race, comparative displays of the times of the competitors, the top 5 of the best times, are possible, as well as sorting by various types of entries for the Tampes.


               CG Unit -  CG Unit;

                Data Entry Unit -  Data Entry Unit;


      The modules are connected to each other by an IP network connection, which can be realized through a network switch or a direct network connection.

data entry URNEK 3 Skiing CG URNEK 3


      А simple block diagram of connection when using the REI 2 sports time measurement system is shown below. The picture shows a connection when sporting sensors from the REI 2 whale are used to record time. In addition, they can also be combined with external sensors that are connected directly to the DATA ENTRY computer unit. For example, start and end time can register REI 2 sensors, while door time can be registered with external sensors.


Conection dijagram skiing 2


       The application together with the REI 2 sports timer was used for the transfer of "Mavrovski Memorial 2018" competition in CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING where 40 competitors participated in men's and women's competitions. 


Mavrovo 2 Mavrovo 1 Mavrovo 4
Mavrovo 5 Mavrovo 3 Mavrovo 6